Given Ulster Bank's phased withdrawal from the Republic of Ireland, we have an important message on our main website

Privacy Policy

Everything you need to know about our privacy policy.

This Privacy Notice gives you a comprehensive overview about how we handle data at UlsterBank, including information we may collect from our customers. We talk in detail about the information we hold, what we do with this data and when we share it outside of RBS (and with whom). You can read more about your rights around data and contact us as well.

We respect individuals’ rights to privacy and to the protection of personal information. The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to explain how we collect and use personal information in connection with our business. “Personal information” means information about a living individual who can be identified from that information (either by itself or when it is combined with other information).

We may update our Privacy Notice from time to time, by communicating such changes to you and publishing the updated Privacy Notice on our website. We would encourage you to visit our website regularly to stay informed of the purposes for which we process your information and your rights to control how we process it.

You can download the short form and long form of Ulster Bank's privacy policy below:

Privacy Notice - Short Form

Privacy Notice Short Form

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