Updated Mortgage Documentation - Important update

05 June 2019

The following Mortgage Documentation has now been updated on the Ulster Bank Intermediaries Website and customer suite of documents have now been updated. These versions should be used with immediate effect.

Existing forms will be valid up until 8th July 2019:

  • Mortgage Intermediary Application Form (MIAF)
  • Declaration Authorisation & Agreement Forms (DAAF)
  • Ulster Bank Terms of Business
  • Ulster Bank Privacy Notice
  • Ulster Bank Guide to Credit Scoring
  • Ulster Bank Tariff of Mortgage Charges
  • Versions of MIAF/DAAF forms include an update to reflect confirmed provision of the required UB suite of customer literature.
  • Important change:

Further to our communications in September in relation to the requirement to capture customers Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) or if non resident for tax purposes their Tax Reference Number (TRN) for any new credit applications of €500 or more, below is an important change to the documentation requirement:

  • All mortgage applicants PPSN/TRN documentation will be required to be certified by Mortgage Intermediaries confirming that this document is a ‘true copy of the original’ and signed and dated. This will apply to all new applications received from Tuesday 11th June.
  • Acceptable documents to evidence their PPSN/TRN numbers are outlined as follows:-
  • PPSN Verification documents:
  • TRN Verification documents:
  • Any correspondence from the Department of Social Protection or the Revenue Commissioners addressed to you showing your PPSN (excluding the Public Service Card);
  • P21, Tax Assessment or Notice of Tax Credits;
  • Receipt of Social Welfare Payment;
  • Medical Card / Drug Payment Scheme (DPS) Card;
  • Payslip, P60/P45
  • Any correspondence from a government department which shows your Individual Tax Reference Number; or
  • Passport confirming your Individual Tax Reference Number
  • **PLEASE NOTE: If the customers name differs on their PPSN/TRN verification they will need to provide Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate, Deed Poll or Decree Absolute and their Birth Certificate in order to proceed with the application.**
  • If you have any further questions on this communication please contact your Relationship Manager.